Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodel showing new cabinets and counters Kitchen remodel showing appliances, sink and window

Kitchen remodels are some of the most popular home improvement projects, and for good reason. Not only are kitchens one of the most heavily used areas in your house, they are notoriously scrutinized by buyers when it comes time to sell. Remodeling a kitchen won't just improve its appearance, it can also increase function, decrease energy consumption, increase perceived value, and make cooking downright fun! With all of these benefits riding on a single area of your home, it's good to know there are literally hundreds of ways to modernize your kitchen. Plus, a well-designed kitchen space saves you unnecessary stress and delays when it comes to efficiently cooking and cleaning each day, or entertaining a large group of family and friends for a special occasion. Areas to keep in mind for a kitchen renovation include:

Countertops: Granite, engineered stone, ceramic tile, marble, laminates, hardwoods, stainless steel— your choice of countertop material is as vast as your imagination and your needs. Many of these materials never require maintenance, while others need to be oiled or sealed periodically to remain beautiful and functional. Some are better for hot pans and are basically indestructible if you're a heavy duty cook, others add class to the most modest of kitchens. Solid surface materials allow the sink to be under mounted for easy counter cleanup.

Cabinetry: What would you do with more space? Would cabinets with more depth, drawers with cutlery trays and organizers, or an island with recycling pull-outs make storage, food prep, and cooking easier and more enjoyable? You bet it would! And luckily, your greatest choices in kitchen remodeling are in the configuration of cabinets, selection of door styles, and decorative enhancements. From classic to elegant, any number of woods including oak, maple, ash, birch, alder, pine and cherry ensure beauty meets functionality. Moldings, accents, lighting, and hardware can be tailored to reflect your personal style.

Faucets and Sinks: Just because the kitchen is a demanding environment doesn't mean you can't keep faucets and sinks brilliant with a finish designed to resist fingerprints and water spots. Not only should faucets and sinks create harmony and tie together all the elements of your kitchen remodel, but they should provide high performance, too. And with such a vast range of styles, colors, and materials, you'll get exactly what you want.

Flooring and Lighting: Finding the right combination of beauty and durability is essential when it comes to choosing material for your kitchen floor. The overall design of your kitchen should also play an important part in your final decision as well. Sleek, modern cabinets and countertops call for similarly modern looking flooring. Although the kitchen gets more foot traffic than just about any other room in your home, durability doesn't have to be sacrificed for looks when you consider hardwood, stone, or ceramic tile. By properly positioning recessed, under cabinet, and pendant lighting, an ordinary kitchen can become extraordinary!

Going Green: Whether you're gearing up for a complete kitchen remodel, or just want to make some eco-wise upgrades, going green in one of the most important rooms in your home is a smart start. Choosing formaldehyde free cabinet and countertop materials, low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints and stains, and water based adhesives rather than those that use petroleum based solvents can make a big difference to the air quality in your home. Energy-saving appliances reduce the energy you use, and do a better job overall.

Investing in kitchen remodeling can add significant value to your home, and bring a new quality of life to your family's everyday routine. Hannegan & Sons will not only help design your new kitchen and reroute plumbing, electrical, or gas work if needed, our professionals will also hang drywall, lay new flooring, add windows, and generally ensure your dream kitchen is realized!

Customer Satisfaction

  • Professional consulting & design services
  • Computerized bids with guaranteed on-budget costs
  • Quality control & special construction technology
  • Appreciation in value & long-term marketability
  • Energy conserving building techniques

We chose Hannegan & Sons because of the quality of workmanship that we had observed in their homes. Throughout our remodel, we found them easy to work with and highly reliable. They used top quality materials and subcontractors. Rather than a time of stress and hassles, it was a positive experience and we love the changes we've made to our home.

—David & Marcia

Hannegan & Sons were true professionals in all phases of our remodel. It was obvious from the start that they take pride in their work and they always give that "little extra." Everyone, including the subcontractors and vendors, treated us fairly and honestly. The process was an exciting and enjoyable experience. We would highly recommend Hannegan & Sons to anyone who is considering remodeling.

—Andy & Karen

We want to take this opportunity to tell all of you how pleased we are with our remodel and to extend a special thanks for the outstanding work done by you and your subcontractors. The entire job was a pleasure from start to finish and the credit for that certainly goes to your company. You can be certain that we will recommend Hannegan & Sons to anyone interested in remodeling.

—Charlotte & Howard