Building Process

View of living room and fireplace with dining room and stairs
View of custom home showing arched windows and columns

In any business, the key to success is providing good service and a quality product at a fair price. At Hannegan & Sons, our growing list of satisfied customers has proven this statement to be true. With our in-house consultation and design services, we can assist our clients in finding the project design that best fits their budget, life style and architectural preferences.

In thirty-plus years of construction experience we have raised our standard of craftsmanship, special construction techniques, energy efficiency and product reliability to the highest level. By monitoring and constantly improving our techniques, we are able to meet our customers' needs while maintaining our tradition of "affordable quality".

In addition, we have learned the importance of developing a good builder-client relationship before and after the sale. We make purchasing or remodeling a home as stress free and enjoyable an experience as possible. We proudly work toward keeping our reputation as being one the finest homebuilding and remodeling companies in the greater Marion-Polk metro area.

View of family room from kitchen nook
View of kitchen with island from stairway

Our computerized bids, specification sheets and contracts are extremely accurate, thorough and written in plain English. We itemize building materials down to the minute detail and provide budget allowances that you can comfortably work with. The combination of our building experience and spreadsheet analysis allows us to make very competitive bids.

Each month clients receive a written itemized statement explaining the current disbursements from the project budget. Included is a running update of credits and/or extra costs related to items they have asked to be subtracted or added to the project. (No one likes to be surprised by unplanned expenses at the end of a custom project.)

Because we are primarily custom builders and prefer our clients to "have it your way" we allow an unlimited number of changes. After all, it's your project and you should be able to call the shots. Please remember, it is better to make changes at the earliest time possible in order to keep the cost impact as low as possible.

View of kitchen with island in custom home
View of kitchen and bar from dining area

In the homebuilding business most all mistakes, misunderstandings and un-realized consumer expectations are the result of poor supervision and communication. To avoid this, we make sure you understand exactly what you are buying. Also, you are assigned a project supervisor (Ken, Ron, or Dave Hannegan).

The supervisor is the project production manager. During construction, he is responsible for the coordination and communication between you, our company and our subcontractors. He will keep you informed of product selection timing and allow you adequate decision making time. He is available to answer questions at the jobsite, or by mobile telephone.

In order to improve our product we constantly upgrade our building materials and construction techniques. Equally as important, we have assembled a stable of professional workers and subcontractors. The same crewmembers are on our jobsites for many projects. We are therefore better able to monitor our subcontractors as they perform their tasks.

This is important because each crew is held responsible for doing things the "Hannegan way". Our crews have been trained to spot little problems and correct them or call for the proper subcontractor before they become big problems or worse, get covered up. Everyone must buy into this team approach or they simply will not be allowed to continue working on our projects.

View of adobe home remodel with master suite addition
View of master suite addition with trellis and landscaping

There is a greater awareness of the true costs of home ownership among consumers today. Conservation of building materials, recycling of resources and future energy consumption has become more important than ever. New techniques and technologies driven by third party organizations and consumer demand are being added to our standard building practices and features package. It just makes good sense for our customers. We can help our clients choose features which yield even higher levels of system performance. For those customers who want to take the process to a more formal level we can include third party performance certification.

The decision of how to invest in energy saving and other Green Building features is not always an easy one. Consumers face the challenge of finding the balance point between higher initial costs, tax credits and increased resale value with the advantages of lower energy bills, improved comfort, better indoor air quality and socially responsible resource management.

We help our clients navigate through the process of determining what features make the most sense for them. In addition, we are continually improving our construction techniques, upgrading component products and standard features. Everyone wants to keep energy costs down and increase livability, how far you go in this process is up to you.

Back view of custom home exterior
Front view of custom home exterior

Energy Trust of Oregon has the Energy Star Program which reduces energy consumption and the carbon footprint of new homes. There are incentives and tax credits depending on which features are used. The builder/homeowner must choose products and techniques which meet or exceed higher levels of system performance for: Insulation, Doors and Windows, Ductwork, Ventilation and Air Infiltration, Heating and Cooling, Water Heating, Appliances and Lighting.

After a successful inspection and testing by a Northwest Energy Star verifier the home will qualify for an Energy Star Certification. Many of the components needed to meet Northwest Energy Star Certification have been written into the latest Oregon Energy Code which governs all new home construction In Oregon.

View of lodge-style custom home entry hall and bar
View of kitchen with island in lodge-style custom home

Earth Advantage homes must satisfy program requirements in each of four categories: Energy Efficiency, Healthier Indoor Air, Environmental Responsibility and Resource Efficiency. Homes are prequalified during a plan review process before construction begins. In addition, homes are inspected and tested during construction and after completion by an Earth Advantage representative. All the elements of Energy Star Certification are included within this program.

In addition, the program has established a points system which awards performance points for increased conservation and eco friendly consideration within many aspects of new home planning and construction. Points are awarded for Advanced Site Planning, Waste Management, Building Envelope and Systems, Heating and Cooling Systems, Infiltration and Ventilation, Lighting, Appliances and Water Heating, Indoor Air Quality, Resource Efficient Building Materials, Water Efficiency and Landscaping, Solar Measures, and lastly the use of Innovative New Measures.

The builder/homeowner must declare the advanced features and construction processes which will be used for the project. The total points for those items must add up to the performance point total required to obtain Earth Advantage Silver Certification. Higher point totals can result in a Gold or Platinum level of advanced certification.

Reduced Crawl Space Water Problems

Building code allows for water to seep into a crawl space. Depending on the site location and soil type, we employ redundant and expensive measures to ensure that water migrating under the house has a positive way out to prevent damage to the structure. Industry accepted traditional construction techniques guaranties pooling and trapping of some of this water.

Floor Insulation

During the rainy season, we install the R-25 under floor insulation by crawling under the home when it is close to completion when the crawlspace and joists are dry. Typically, most builders install under floor insulation during the earliest stages of construction (even during wet weather) because it's cheaper. Wet insulation can take years to fully dry out under a home and can cause swelling or mold problems.

Silent Floor System

Our standard floor utilizes BCI floor joists on 24" centers with 7/8" tongue & groove decking glued and nailed on a ninety degree angle. This kiln dried material allows the glue to bond to create a solid and quiet floor.

Underlayment Screwed Down

We screw our underlayment to the sub floor decking for less seam and squeak problems in our finish floors.

Flexible Flashing System

We install butyl rubberized self sealing flashings completely around exposed windows and doors. This product ensures that water is shed away from wood framing and sheathing to prevent rot and mold. In addition, this sticky rubberized material is designed to seal around nails which penetrate the flashing as siding and trim boards are installed.

PEX Piping

We use PEX piping for our supply water lines. There is no leaching of lead into the water supply like traditional copper pipe with soldered joints. As an added benefit, PEX piping is not rigid and so prevents annoying water hammering vibrations.

Powered Attic Vent

Attic temperatures can reach above 130 degrees. We install a powered attic vent fan with a thermostat to temper the AC cooling costs and extend the life of the roof.

Dry Out Framing

We make sure to dry out wood framing material well below 19% moisture content before it is covered. During the rainy season this dry-out period extends the building timeline but we won't sacrifice a quality product for production speed like many of our competitors.

Straighten Studs

Prior to drywall cover, we check wall studs for warping. We repair or replace studs that don't meet our strict standard. This process is necessary in order to have straight walls because today's second and third growth lumber tends to warp. Production oriented builders rarely take this old fashioned but tried-and-true step.

Air Infiltration Sealing

For decades we have been on the leading edge of our industry when it comes to sealing envelope penetrations around the electrical, plumbing and heating systems. Lowering the drafty spots reduces heating/cooling costs. This process also increases the level of customer comfort.


All walls and ceilings including the garage are primed before they are painted. Walls get two finish coats of washable latex paint. Wood work goes through a 4 coat paint process. Our closet shelves are painted. Low VOC paints are available.

Tile Showers

Tile and natural stone showers are constructed using the time tested but more expensive method of mud setting. They become one piece concrete units finished with tile or stone.

Bath Fans

We install quiet, high volume bath fans with timers. As homes are getting tighter, large fans are necessary to remove moisture from inside the home. Small and noisy, rattle-trap fans are the industry norm.


To prevent construction damage to installed goods we apply protection including: tubs and showers, counters, flooring, wall corners, door jams and concrete garage floors.

Clean Up

Our construction sites are cleaned up on a weekly basis. We use an established professional cleaning company to detail the home prior to delivery.

Walk Through

Prior to occupancy we perform a complete inspection utilizing a check list which even includes a crawl space inspection. This insures few call backs and that the home is delivered to the high standards set by Hannegan & Sons.