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Working for the family business since college in the 1970s, brothers Ken, Ron and Dave Hannegan joined their dad and learned hands-on about the home building trade and industry—from pouring cement and building cabinets, to design and project development. Today, each of these talented craftsmen have their own area of specialty.

Ron Hannegan joined the family business while in his senior year at the University of Oregon majoring in Accounting. Ron is the first person a client meets with to discuss design ideas, go over floor plans, and compile estimates, bids and contracts.

Ken Hannegan is a graduate of University of Oregon with a BS in Business Administration and Communications. Ken designs floor plans and also meets with clients at the job site to go over each detail in the plan. He is the project manager from beginning through finish work.

Dave Hannegan joined the business while continuing his education at Western Oregon University. Clients will see Dave at your home during the finish stage. He not only monitors the quality control, but he's also an on-site project manager. Dave's expectations in the finish work are demanding, yet he is articulate in every aspect to bring about a polished product.

Margi Hannegan works side by side in the office with her husband Ron. Margi is the bookkeeper, director of sales, marketing and advertising, provides customer service, and she walks clients through the entire building process. Prior to joining the family business, Margi worked as a medical technician, an office manager in a physician’s office, and an executive director for a non-profit dental organization.

As a full-service design/build and remodel company, Hannegan & Sons can take your ideas and implement the floor plan you desire. Our motto has been to hold our clients' hands from beginning through completion, and by doing so we have established many friendships along the way. We may have built hundreds of homes, but you will feel as if you are our only customer.

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